The Treasure of the Etruscans

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The Treasure of the Etruscans

Postby Kismet » 10 Sep 2018, 20:32

'Listen to me, Lettice,' Algy pleaded. His sister was shouting at one of her numerous offspring and Algy suspected she was about to put down the telephone in order to better deal with the child.

'This is important. The oddjamacallits the kids borrowed when they visited last weekend. I need them back. Apparently they are very important to Biggles's uncle. Can you bob them into the post for me, urgently?'

The telephone receiver was replaced. Algy groaned and resisted the impulse to bang his head against the nearest wall.

'It's no good,' he told Biggles, 'we're going to have to go up to Merioneth and collect 'em ourselves.'
'Major Bigglesworth' said Von Stalhein coldly, 'there are times when I seriously wonder if you were created by the devil just to annoy me.'
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